Posts Tag&Us Rewind Links A group of some 40teenagers get to know each other in SKSS. They Study together, Play together, Mess together, Scream together. They may be noisy& naughty at times, but they're very guai one okay. (: They made the class 2N6'09& They promise to help each other when needed. ♥

Rafi Gaaaaaaaates :D
Sunday, July 11, 2010 @ 1:24 PM

i Miss 2n6 ):

Thursday, November 26, 2009 @ 5:42 AM

Just for double checking, the class chalet will be on 09 December to 11 December.
Please ask more people to come, a minimum of 25 people is needed.
There will be 2 barbeque night, 09 and 10.
Breakfast and lunch will be provided on 09 and 10.
Please ask more people to come, Jaslyn need to confirm everything, please message her whether you going or not.
Thank you. ^^
Peace out.
TohoSHINeeunice. :D
Saturday, November 21, 2009 @ 8:43 PM

Hello everyone! :D
The chalet will be on 09 to 11 of December.
Everyone will have to pay S$18 but it must have a minimum of 30 and more people from 2N6'2009.
Please try to ask more people from 2N6'2009 to come cause maybe this will be the last chalet or outing we're having as a class.
I'll update w/ more details, about the venue and everything asap, hopefully by today.
That's all!
Peace out.


TohoSHINeeunice. :D
Thursday, October 29, 2009 @ 2:45 AM

Hello 2N6! :D
There may be a class chalet during the December holidays.
Is it okay if everyone have to pay: $15/- for 3D2N?
But i guess it require a minimum of 30 people from our class.
Oh yah, you can welcome other people from other class to our chalet too, but it'll cost them: $18/-.
We'll have barbeque for the first day and we'll plan the 2 other days.
The money you paid us include the barbeque.
If there's any extra money, we'll get more food for barbeque. (:
Is that okay?
We can also welcome teachers and stuffs, but the friends you invite can only be at the same age. :D
You can stay over, but idk whether if there's extra space cause we may be booking at Downtown East. ((:
K, that's all, for more information, message me or Jaslyn cause she'll be the one booking for us! :D
Oh yah, i going overseas till 06 Nov, so message me when there's a need, if not later you pay more, idk already ah.
!This will be the last chalet for 2009 for 2N6, so try to ask most of the people from our class to attend. TYVM.
K, baibaizxz.
Peace out.


Thursday, October 8, 2009 @ 1:22 AM

Good Luck For Your Exams (:

TohoSHINeeunice. :D
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 @ 4:16 AM

Hello all, Eunice Sweet is here. :D
Since (insert name) say he miss my posts, I'm here to post again okeh! :D
Uh, the chapters that is gonna test out for Science EOY will be:

*Science textbook Volume B will be bold.
*Science textbook Volume A will be italic.

-Chapter 16 (Energy)
-Chapter 17 (Light)
-Chapter 18 (Electricity)
-Chapter 19 (Using Electricity)
-Chapter 22 (Particles Model Of Matter)
-Chapter 23 (Atoms & Molecules)
-Chapter 24 (Cells)

Acid/Base/Salts, Power & Work Done/Turning Force or Moments

^Bonding & Periodic Table.


-Chapter 6 (Managing Our Changing Environment)
-Chapter 8 (Water Resources)
-Chapter 9 (Pollution In The World)
-Chapter 10 (Global Warming & Ozone Depletion)


-Chapter 7 (Pythagoras' Theorem)
-Chapter 8 (Mensuration Of Pyramid, Cones & Spheres)
-Chapter 9 (Set Language & Notation)
-Chapter 10 (Data Analysis)
-Chapter 11 (Probability)


-Chapter 6 (How Did World War 2 Affect Singapore?)
-Chapter 7 (How Did The Local People Respond To British Rule After World Was 2?)
-Chapter 8 (How Did Singapore Progress To Internal Self-Government?)
-Chapter 9 (How Did Singapore Achieve Independence?)


-Lamb To The Slaughter
-The Landlady


K, i guess that's all i know. (:
A gentle reminder:
-Science Class Test On Chapter 24 (Cells) On 02 October'2009, Friday.
-Mathematics Class Test On Chpater 11 (Probability) On 02 October'2009, Friday.
-Geography Class Test On Chapter 8 (Water Resources) On 02 October'2009, Friday. (Hopefully)

K, that's all.
P/S: I luv Colby very much. ^^ (Happy 66 days. :D)
P/P/S: Everyone, work hard for EOY! :D
Peace out.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 2:27 AM

Students from Mdm Imelda's Geography class please remember to do the latest Geography worksheet, complete page 1&2.(Answers are all in Textbook)

Reminder to all students, Science Practical Test on Next Wednesday(23September'09).

Good luck, people. :)